JULY 26, 2010


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland – Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Kurt Grassett-DPW Director, David Anderson Ledger-Transcript



Jordan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Boland moved to accept the Minutes of July 19th, seconded by LaPlante and unanimously approved by the Board.


NON PUBLIC: Boland moved to go into non public session under RSA 91-A:3,ll(e) to discuss threatened litigation against the Town; seconded by LaPlante; vote: Jordan-aye, LaPlante-aye, Boland-aye.


Upon coming out of non public session at 7:50 p.m. LaPlante moved to seal the Minutes, seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


HIGHWAY REPORT: Grassett reported the Merrill project on Jaquith Road is proceeding and they wish to install the culverts starting Monday, August 2nd. They are asking to close the road from August 2 through August 6th. The coffer dam was installed last week. Grassett said next week would be the best time for them to close the road and complete the culverts prior to the start of school and closing school bus routes.


TRANSFER STATION: The committee met last week and is trying to do some long range planning. They are gathering data and would like to hold an informational meeting in October to obtain feedback from the residents regarding:

  • Space issues
  • Facility issues
  • Equipment issues
  • Hours of operation


The committee will be working toward preparations for this meeting.


MEETINGHOUSE: Grassett reported a check for $10,000 has come in from Merchant's Bank on the Healy insurance claim. He will be meeting with Jim Dougherty from Target, New England, on Friday morning. Jim gave the town a detailed list of work to be done and Grassett wants to review the list again. When the work is started, the initial draws will be against the $10,000 prior to drawing on the Capital Reserve.


ANTRIM ROAD: Grassett met with Pierce Rigrod to discuss his concerns that the road runoff will go over his leach bed. Grassett stated Rigrod has a lot of room on his lot but the town doesn't have much within the right of way. There are some options:

  • Run water down both sides of Antrim Road
  • Run the water down the west side


Selectboard Minutes

July 19, 2010

Page two

  •  Run the water down the east side


Rigrod is having trouble understanding how the right of way has taken so much of his front yard. Grassett stated Rigrod may wish to meet with the Selectboard. None of the issues were created by the town. The catch basin above the Rigrod residence does help somewhat.


Jordan questioned whether the rocks in the front yard are part of the issue. Grassett stated one will be moved but the moving of the remaining rocks is up to the Selectboard.

He did note they are a hazard to traffic and to plows and are in the right of way.


LaPlante feels the Selectboard should go to the site and look at it. The rocks were discussed with a previous Selectboard.


Jordan suggested the Board meet with Rigrod next Monday, August 2nd, at 5:30. Caverly will schedule this meeting.


LIAISON REPORTS: Planning Board – Boland noted all the Selectboard members were present for the initial hearing with Industrial Communications regarding a potential cell tower on Mathewson property. Boland noted the electrical plan shows outside lights on all doors but they had stated there would be no outside lights.


Meetinghouse Committee: Boland stated there will be a meeting of the Meetinghouse Committee on July 29th to discuss LCHIP.


Common Commission: Boland reported on their meeting held July 13th. They are continuing to talk with people about how they (individuals and groups) use the Common and how they would like to see it developed. The plan will be more of a maintenance plan as to what people would like to have it look like. Dr. Benoit was in to discuss what the Memorial Day Committee does. He also stated he has no problem with the considered moving of the War memorial. Phil Jones talked to the Old Crocks group who stated they don't want any changes.


Conservation Commission: LaPlante stated there were the three new members present. She did a general overview of the responsibilities and carrying out the duties of the Commissioners. The members have good background to support what the Conservation Commission is doing.


Caverly will contact Ron Mack and ask him to come to the next meeting, August 10th, to review what has been done and where the various binders and folders are located.


Old Home Day: LaPlante reported the ice cream truck would like to be in town Saturday evening of Old Home Day, during the firemen's barbecue. Could she do this if she is not in competition with a local group? She is willing to make a contribution of a percentage of her profits.


Selectboard Minutes

July 26, 2010

Page three


Jordan stated holidays and special days outside vendors are not permitted to sell anything, per the Town ordinance. Boland feels the committee needs to determine that the vendor has a valid state vendor's license. The question was raised whether the Selectboard can override town policy. LaPlante will check on this. Does it make a difference if she stays on the Main Street, which is a public road, as opposed to a town road? If the truck comes in under the auspices of the Old Home Day Committee, does that make it acceptable?


The Old Home Day Committee is continuing to use Facebook after being told they should be using the town website as the official site. The town does not recognize Facebook.


Budget and Property Committee: Jordan reported the committee discussed the format to be used by the committee on elementary schools. They are to put in the number of students in each school and the cost per student per school.


SAC will be meeting again August 24th. Norm Makechnie, the attorney for the school district, was in for the recent School Board meeting and talked on Article #2, the make up of the School Board. Pam Brenner and John Kieley discussed Article #8, Funding. Brenner did a presentation on equalization.


It would be helpful to determine any changes in numbers prior to town meeting rather than after. This would allow the communities to have a better idea what might happen to the tax rate as it relates to the school portion.


APPOINTMENTS: LaPlante moved to appoint Douglas Payne to serve on the Conservation Commission; seconded by Boland, unanimously approved.


LEFEBVRE EMAIL: It was noted the Hancock Advisory Board will be meeting with the CIP committee. LaPlante reported on her conversation with LeFebvre when she told him the committee has all the tools they need to do what they are suggesting of a finance committee. Boland agreed.


The Hancock Advisory Committee is still one person short. Caverly will contact Ric Haskins and ask him to please fill that position promptly.


REPORTER: Dave Anderson came to the table to confirm part of Grassett's report on the Meetinghouse.


ADJOURNED: LaPlante moved to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Boland seconded, unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary


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