JUNE 14, 2010


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland – Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary

OTHERS: Kurtis Grassett-DPW Director; Hunt Dowse-Hearing attendee


Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. The Board signed the payroll manifest and the accounts payable manifest. A building permit for Lori Senechal was approved.


LaPlante moved to accept the Minutes of June 10, 2010; seconded by Boland; unanimously approved.


LIAISON REPORTS: Old Home Day: LaPlante stated they are moving forward with their activity planning. It seems they are not having the Irregulars as Color Guard in the parade this year. LaPlante will confirm whether this is an oversight or decision of the Irregulars.


Recreation: LaPlante reported the summer programs – Summer Recreation Program and swimming lessons – will be getting under way soon. The committee held preliminary discussions to consider doing a fund raiser on Old Home Day.


Conservation Commission: LaPlante reported Francelia Clark, the only member of the Conservation Commission present, Barbara Caverly, Mark DeBanico and Charlie Kerwin met at the Library. Mark and Charlie were present as two residents who are interested in serving on the Commission. There was no quorum for an official meeting of the Commission; however, Francelia did take this time to present a very good overview of the workings of the Commission from their Mission to the responsibilities they carry for monitoring many conservation easements and monitoring of the Class VI roads as well as the constraints of the Commission. Liz Hanson is also interested in serving but was unable to attend this gathering. The group will meet again next month at the time and place of the regularly scheduled Conservation Commission meetings. The Selectboard is awaiting confirmation from Charlie and Mark that they are officially interested in serving on the Commission.


Budget and Property: Jordan reported they met at the SAU and are continuing to discuss the Food Service that is still running in the red.


HEAT: Jordan reported they discussed the contracts for weatherization and photovoltaics and what would be needed for the Requests for Proposals that will be sent out. Everything needing to be done has been done for the grants. Kurt Grassett will be the grant manager.


RHINES: The Selectboard is still waiting for a corrected Conservation Easement deed and confirmation that the fiduciary deeds are in order to be certain all the property being transferred to the town is, in fact, owned by the Rhines.



JUNE 14, 2010



CARLSON LETTER: The Selectboard reviewed the letter and will take it under advisement.


CERNOTA LETTER: The Selectboard received a letter from Artie Cernota asking if the town is willing to sell him the piece of railroad land that was obtained from Boston and Maine. Caverly will send him a letter stating the property was turned back to the railroad.


COMMISSIONS AND APPOINTMENTS: The Selectboard had some initial discussion pertaining to future appointments to committees and commissions. They feel they should bring in the chair of each committee to discuss any upcoming vacancies and ask for their thoughts and recommendations.


There are still openings on the Conservation Commission. Anyone interested in joining is asked to submit a letter to the Selectboard.


The Selectboard would like to see the Conservation Commission run some more seminars. Francelia stated Pierce Rigrod had made up a list of potentials and she has agreed to contact him


HEAT is also considering having a series on energy conservation.


DPW REPORT: Grassett reported the Main Street project seems to be going very well.


Kurt brought in a graph showing the increasing costs for monitoring the wells at landfill site – monitoring decreasing while the cost is increasing.


He stated Richard Pendleton of Eastview Environmental feels the town needs to move forward with the receptor plan because it would be less costly than to do the alternative. Grassett has asked for a cost estimate to do just what needs to be done, with no extras.


Grassett feels DES has not thoroughly looked at the whole area and the papers in their files. The town is trying to work with DES but they are not being reciprocal in working with the town. He suggested to Pendleton that he reiterate his previous suggestions that DES has ignored to date.


MAIN STREET PROJECT: Grassett reported the Inn's lawn sprinkler system is within the town right of way. It had to be torn up during the Main Street work in that area. The heads were saved. Kurt has spoken with Jim Marshall from DOT. The best way to handle the repairs is for the town to replace the lines in the ground once the curbing is in place. We would be looking only at the cost of the pipe involved. Kurt has been working



JUNE 14, 2010



with Robert Short on this. The Selectboard agrees the highway crew should do the repair work once the curbing has been put in place.


PUBLIC HEARING: At 5:00 p.m. John Jordan opened the public hearing to consider the acceptance and expenditure of the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant, totaling $199,096. Project #44 in the amount of $117,476 is for photovoltaics for the Town Barn, Fire Station and Recycle Center.


Project #45 in the amount of $81,620 is for weatherization of the Town Office, Police Station, Meetinghouse, Town Barn and Fire Station.


Dowse questioned whether the jobs would go out to bid. Jordan replied that they will be putting out Requests for Proposals. Dowse stated he is somewhat knowledgeable in the photovoltaics and asked some further questions. In response to the questions Grassett reported:

  • It is required to be net metered
  • There will be connections to back up generators


Dowse stated inverters will be required and are costly. If a problem should occur five to ten years later when one needs to be replaced, what will occur? He stated the town needs to be aware this will be costly later on. One suggestion is to put some of the money being saved by this program in a fund to be put toward its upkeep. A fund should be set up at the next town meeting.


Another fund to be considered would be for a building reserve. If the town were to go to "Pay Per Bag" at the Transfer Station that income can be used for certain, specific items. One such use would be toward a structure to protect the recycle bales.


Kurt noted the payback for the weatherization appears to be less than five years.


Jordan thanked HEAT for the incredible amount of work the have done to the benefit of the town.


The hearing was then closed at 5:10 p.m.


Roberta LaPlante moved to accept and expend New Hampshire Energy, Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds for the weatherization of all town buildings and photovoltaic's on 4 town buildings for a total cost of $199,096; Project #44 for 117,476 and Project #45 for $81,620 to Town of Hancock to manage sub-grants as part of New Hampshire's EECBG. And to authorize Selectboard Chair, John Jordan, to sign the agreement and all accompanying forms.



JUNE 14, 2010



Carolyn Boland seconded the motion; the vote was unanimous in the affirmative.


MILL ROAD BRIDGE: A brief discussion of the Mill Road Bridge and the upcoming public meeting ensued. Grassett told Dowse he has received a written notice that the bridge has holes and is unsafe for traversing. He will be looking to determine if there is any short term solution. That bridge has been used for the Old Home Day Run for the Honey. The Board has been told Harrisville has several bridges of a type that might work here. John noted the hearing will be held June 28th at 7:15 p.m.


ADJOURNED: Boland moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara E. Caverly

Recording Secretary


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