MAY 3, 2010


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland – Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Dick Perner, Kurt Grassett-DPW Director, Andrew Wood-Police Chief


Jordan called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Jordan made note of one correction to the April 26th Minutes. The "CIV" under gravel bids should read "sieve". Boland moved the Minutes of April 26th be approved as corrected. Seconded by LaPlante; voted in the affirmative.


LIAISON REPORTS: Jordan reported on the SAC meeting noting a representative from the Department of Revenue Administration was present and handed out some data pertaining to the Conval District towns.


Jordan also attended the Monadnock Energy/Climate forum and reported there was nothing new.


APPOINTMENTS: Caverly updated the Board as to the membership status of the various boards and committees. One question still being resolved is to determine on which committees the Selectboard liaison is a voting member. Caverly suggested this information be included in the Town Report under each committee.


POLICE REPORT: Chief Wood reported to the Board that he and Kurt Grassett have been discussing the need to re-write the Traffic Control Ordinance and make two separate ordinances. Jordan suggested Wood, Grassett and Caverly work out the two ordinances to cover separate situations.


Melissa will be returning on May 15th. Her field training will continue through the end of May. He reported receiving very positive comments on her from various townspeople.


The Police Department has an intern from Franklin Pierce University who is interested in getting into law enforcement. Wood may consider him for a part time position in the future because the intern has said he would be interested in a part time position. Wood will keep the Selectboard updated.


All the department employees have transitioned and are trained on the new guns the department has.


PERNER: Dick Perner met with the Selectboard to discuss the drainage ditch that runs behind his rental property at the corner of Antrim Road and Norway Hill Road. He stated that 15 – 18 years ago the town cleaned out the ditch. It is now in need of it again because his has water in the cellar and the back lawn is like a swamp.



MAY 3, 2010



Perner stated the water coming from the culvert was clean but down near the house the water slows and drops the silt. Jordan responded that the Board would need to go to the site and look at it. Perner gave them permission to be on the property for this.



DEPUTY TREASURER: Caverly noted there is still no one in the position of Deputy Treasurer but, as she noted, that is up to the Treasurer.


PAYROLL SUBSTITUTE: Caverly suggested to the Board that another person should be designated to handle the payroll in her absence. Everyone agreed that Bookkeeper Gail Hoffmann would be the appropriate person. Caverly will speak with her.


SCHOOL BOARD: Jordan stated he would like a consensus from the Selectboard on three main issues coming up at the Conval School Board regarding three of the Articles of Agreement:

  1. Article #2 pertains to the composition of the School Board. The Hancock Selectboard is supportive of a change to Article 2 or, as Boland noted, a very in-depth investigation to make it a fair division among the nine towns.


  1. Article #5 pertains to elementary schools being maintained in all the Conval towns with the exception of Sharon. The Hancock Selectboard does not support closing any of the individual elementary schools. One option for reconfiguring the school populations would be to pull the middle school grades back to the elementary schools. The Selectboard also briefly discussed various other options that are possible and should be looked into.


  1. Article #8 addresses the financial allocation. This year it was clarified and the Selectboard agrees.


DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Grassett was in to discuss several items with the Selectboard. The first item was that of the culvert behind the Perner rental addressed by Mr. Perner earlier in the meeting. Grassett stated if it was a silt problem it would start within five feet of where it comes out of the culvert. There is not a lot of velocity or volume at that point. Grassett feels no one is keeping the brush cleared from the ditch area. It is a ditch dug into the ground; therefore, there is some oozing from the ground itself. He suggested the possibility of putting in a stone check dam close to the outflow of the culvert to catch any debris. The culverts are cleaned out in the fall and the roads are swept in the spring keeping sand and debris to a minimum. The Town would have to keep it clean.






MAY 3, 2010



Grassett then addressed the Bryer drainage situation, noting it is still pending. Bryer may contact the Selectboard for an appointment. Grassett did note that the drainage ditch was in its present location long before the Bryers moved in and the Bryers are aware of that. In the meantime, Grassett will be running some site lines.


GRAVEL BID: Grassett reported that Mathewson will crush to the town's specifications and Kurt will check the sieve for accuracy required. With this information, the Selectboard agreed to award the gravel bid to Mathewson Companies.


FULLER OIL: Grassett has found a company who can give him the rack price of diesel fuel starting 9/30/09 in order to check the validity of some of the pricing he has received from Fuller Oil. There is a $200 charge for this information. He noted he is looking for the 10:00 a.m. market rates, not the early day or late day.


DES PERMIT: Grassett said he has sent an email to Peter Beblowski asking for an update on the Moose Brook Park well testing because he hasn't heard anything back from his earlier questions. He also said Peter met him during intermission of a Conval play on Saturday and proceeded to talk about the issue until the play was ready to start even though Kurt suggested holding the discussion during work hours.


It has been determined the DES files were not complete with regard to the 1,000-foot radius issue. They may have now found all the receptor maps and may just need to look at them to determine if there has been any change since the wells were installed.


Grassett will be contacting Richard Pendleton of Eastview Environmental this week to schedule a time to go to Concord to review the DES files.


MAIN STREET CORRIDOR PROJECT: Thursday, May 6th at 3:30 Kurt will meet with the engineers, a NH DOT Federal Compliance representative and Jim Marshall from NH DOT plus the contractors from BUR for a Preconstruction meeting. The public meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday.


Wednesday, May 5th, Kurt will be in Concord attending a class relative to Davis-Bacon and Buy America for compliance in the upcoming Federal funding projects.


MAIN STREET WATER: Grassett reported there was a break in an abandoned shut-off on Main Street. It was initially thought to be the problem of the property owner. It was later determined the abandoned shut-off had not been properly shut off. The Town did their work and the property owner had hired Mathewson Companies to come and do what was needed between the shut-off and her house. Upon tracing back to the root of the problem, Grassett then went to the owner and offered to help with the Mathewson bill.



MAY 3, 2010



The final action of the meeting was to make a site visit to the Perner rental property. The Board viewed the area from the road as well as from the rear of the property. They saw old piles of clippings and brush that were causing the problems. It was determined it is clearly the issue of the property owner. Mr. Perner will be sent a letter of response.


The meeting was then adjourned, at the Perner rental, at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara E. Caverly

Recording Secretary


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