April 26th, 2010


PRESENT: John Jordan-Chair, Roberta LaPlante, Carolyn Boland, - Select Board and Linda Coughlan, Recording Secretary

OTHERS: Kurtis Grassett – DPW Director, Jesse St. Pierre, and Amy Menard from BUR Construction, LLC.

Jordan called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The minutes of April 12th and April 19th meetings were unanimously approved as read.


Planning Board – Boland reported the Planning Board had discussed the Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference to be held on May 8th which she said she had registered to attend. Jordan and LaPlante mentioned they were planning to attend the 2010 Local Officials Workshop to be held in Marlborough. LaPlante said she had read the PB meeting minutes from April 21st and a correction should be made. She said Froling and Nylander had been reappointed for another three years and Weston-Zimmerman had been appointed as a full member

Farmer's Market -

Boland reported that she had met with the Farmer's Market group and had expressed the Board's concern with signs and asked them to be mindful of parking. She said they should stay in touch with Grassett, DPW Director, for updates on the progress of the Main Street Improvement Project regarding parking.



Rhines property decision pending – There was nothing new to report. One deed is still missing.




Alison Rossiter and Betty Pels will stay on the ZBA

Kristen Bernier will go on the Conservation Commission as an ALT

Dick Warner is willing to move to be a full member if Tom Ward doesn't want to

Ruth Wilder will go on the Historic District Commission as an ALT

Ellena Weston-Zimmerman will go on the PB as a full member and Steve Froling and Roberta Nylander will stay on for another three years



Grassett - DPW Director

BUR Contract Signing –Jesse St. Pierre and Amy Menard from BUR Construction, LLC came forward with Grassett. Jordan signed the contract for the Main Street project and copies were given to St. Pierre. St. Pierre said the anticipated start date would be the second week of May. Jordan mentioned that during the construction process, it was important to maintain parking access for the businesses on Main Street. The Board decided to hold a public meeting on May 6th at 7:00 P.M. to update the public on the construction process. Notices for the meeting will be posted on the web-site, the Post Office and the Town Hall.


APRIL 26th, 2010


DES Notifications

Grassett updated the Board on his recent email from DES regarding their request of additional testing on the old landfill. He said he doesn't understand their requirement of retesting within 1000 foot setback from homes etc. Grassett said DES had been requiring less testing and the results from the required testing had looked good. He is waiting to hear back from DES.


DES Wetland Permits

Grassett said he had been having difficulty in obtaining a wetland permit for a culvert that needs to be replaced on High Street. He has found that after submitting his paperwork, they have responded by saying a dimension was missing. Grassett said the new applications for permits are more complicated and he has addressed this with Ron Mark. He is waiting to hear back from DES on the culvert issue.


Fuller Oil-

Grassett gave the Board a recap of what's going on with the Fred Fuller Oil Co. He told the Board that the original contract had been with Draper Oil who sold the business to Energy North who had then sold it to the Fred Fuller Oil Co. The price had never been renegotiated with any of the sales. After Fred Fuller Oil Co. obtained the business, Grassett noted there was a jump in the price with their first delivery. He feels they were charging rack plus for each delivery. Then in December a delivery of gasoline was put in the diesel tank. Four deliveries were made shortly after which Grassett believes was an effort to dilute the mixture. Grassett said the town shouldn't be responsible for contaminated fuel which is due to negligence. There was also a call for a Saturday delivery which could not be made until Sunday. When the driver arrived on Sunday, he didn't have the combination so he left. Grassett feels that the $99 charge for coming over should not be paid either. The Board suggested that Grassett go back for each delivery date and figure out what the charge should have been was according to what the contract price had been with Draper. Grassett said he will draft a letter to Fred Fuller Oil and go back to check the contract price at the time deliveries were made.


Gravel Bid Opening -

Grassett decided to hold on to the two gravel bids received to request a CIV test from one of the bidders.


Pond Fencing –

LaPlante mentioned the pond improvements and asked if there was a plan to put back the fence at the top of the parking lot. Grassett said a decision had not been made on that but that it could be brought up with the Norway Pond Improvement Committee. LaPlante asked if there would be a dumpster at the beach this year. She questioned whether there might be an alternative to using a dumpster such as having a trash can down there that could be emptied each week. LaPlante said she would be willing to bring this up to Jeff Wilder and the new waterfront director.

Town Clean Up Day –

The Board thought the cleanup had gone very well and appreciated the work of all of the volunteers. They discussed the possibility of scheduling the clean up next year for a Sunday when the landfill is closed which would make it easier on the workers. Jordan suggested finding a better method to make sure more of the trash gets recycled. Grassett suggested meeting with the organizers next year to try to stream line the process.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Linda Coughlan

Recording Secretary


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