MARCH 15, 2010


PRESENT: Carolyn Boland-Chair, John Jordan, Roberta LaPlante-Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Kurt Grassett-DPW Director; Nahida Sherman-webmaster; Lois



Boland called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. She asked for approval of the March 1st Minutes. Jordan moved to approve the Minutes; seconded by LaPlante. LaPlante then asked that the following be included in the Minutes of March 15th as her reflections n the Minutes of March 1st. This was approved by Boland and Jordan. LaPlante's reflection: "LaPlante reminded Ron that the Select Board discussed their consideration of a warrant article eliminating LUCT going to the Conservation Commission. The discussion was held after the Rhines property hearing closed at the commission's December 8th, 2009 meeting. LaPlante also reported that Mark Ellingwood, Paul Faber and Stephen Froling made remarks."


APPOINTMENT OF CHAIR: Boland called for nominations for Selectboard chair. LaPlante nominated John Jordan as chair for the coming year. So voted unanimously.

The Board then reviewed the Selectboard Guidelines and, determining there were none to be made, agreed to retain the version of 2009.


HIGHWAY REPORT: LaPlante and the Selectboard thanked Kurt for his excellent presentations speaking to many of the articles at Town Meeting.


Grassett reminded the Board of the Main Street bid opening to be held next Monday, March 22.


The overall road report was that the town is not in bad shape considering we received just under 4 inches of rain. The usual roads ran over, i.e. Longview, Cavender but the new bridge on Antrim Road did very well.


LONGVIEW ROAD BRIDGE: This is the next bridge on the program. Grassett is ready to start the process for this by sending a letter to NHDOT requesting an estimate for the work. This will put the town on the state schedule. He would also like to bring FEMA in under a hazard mitigation grant. The Selectboard signed his Request for Bridge Aid form to be submitted to the state.


TOWN BUILDING SHUTTERS: Grassett stated the shutters are in very bad shape with slats missing and frames actually rotting. He can obtain vinyl shutters that are 1/2" smaller than those on the building. Jordan questioned whether there were shutters originally. Everyone agreed this should be researched first.




MARCH 15, 2010



POLE SAW: One of the Highway Department pole saws has reached the end of its useful life. Grassett would like to purchase another one with the payment to come from the Highway Equipment fund. The Selectboard approved this purchase.


SIGNAGE: Grassett stated 2012 is the deadline for having signage and retro reflectivity in place. He is signing up for a class to be held April 16th regarding this. There are three management techniques: purchasing a tool to measure, drive the roads at night to determine their retro reflectivfity, or replace. All signs must be replaced at the end of their life or by 2015. It would be an appropriate time to look at a town-wide speed limit with the new signs being required. A town-wide speed limit could save the town some money because fewer signs would be needed. The Selectboard will look into this.


MAIN STREET: Grassett said the work crews on this project will be using the horse sheds bathroom; work trailers, if needed, will be placed behind the Town Office/Police Department and the town engineer will be setting up in the Conference Room. Grassett suggested having the public hearing the week of April 12th. This would be after the signing of the contract.


SELECTBOARD LIAISON ASSIGNMENTS: The Selectboard reviewed their assignments from 2009 and made some adjustments. The changes will be made known to the Boards, Commissions and committees impacted.


SHERMAN: Nahida Sherman came in with several items to discuss with the Selectboard.


UPTON/HATFIELD BILL: She questioned the portion of the Upton and Hatfield legal bill regarding the 2/10 of an hour on February 26 that involved her. She noted that her only question before the Conservation Commission at that time was related to the Conservation Commission financial report. She did have a request for a copy of the draft of the CIP. She feels that 2/10 should be part of the Planning Board legal expense as it was a question regarding the Master Plan. Caverly will contact Froling or Town Counsel as to the topic that was discussed.


LaPlante feels any committee with questions involving RSA 91-A should request permission of the Selectboard before contacting Town Counsel. A memo to this effect will be sent to all the committees and commissions.


WEBSITE: Sherman outlined all the information she has relative to the website and what is on it and stated she has put it on CD's and given them to Caverly to retain in case it is ever needed. It includes photos, website data, and emails documenting information that needs to be retained. Sherman asked how frequently the Board would like to see the information updated. LaPlante suggested the Board receive a monthly updated CD.


MARCH 15, 2010



The Selectboard approved Sherman contacting MV Communications when she feels it necessary.


Sherman asked about the possibility of Hancock business owners putting an advertisement on the web at a nominal fee to help sustain proper storage. Jordan and Boland would approve a business section to promote Hancock business owners.


It was noted the web software belongs to Sherman. The Selectboard approved Sherman putting up Hancock residents whose business is located outside of town. Sherman will research the cost to determine an appropriate fee to be charged each business.


PROSPECT HILL: Sherman questioned the authority by which the Selectboard worked for the Prospect Hill financing because the warrant stated a minimum of 15 years and obtaining a bond but the financing was actually done with long term notes for a period of ten years. She questioned whether the action was a legal move and, if not, does it need curative legislation.


This is a large item that is not in concordance with Town Meeting vote. Jordan asked Caverly to check with Town Counsel.


APPOINTMENTS: Jordan told Sherman the Selectboard will be working on committee appointments over the next few weeks. A notice will be going into Hancock happenings and on the website suggesting people interested in volunteering to serve on a committee send a letter to the Selectboard.


TOWN MEETING: LaPlante felt the Budget Advisory Committee request for a number of ballot votes went well.


FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS: The Selectboard approved sending a letter to the Hancock Improvement Association requesting the funds be turned over to the Town to be held until the FairPoint invoice is received. In the event the invoice doesn't come in, the Board agreed the funds would be returned to HIA to be handled as the individual donors choose.


PROPERTY TAX PAYMENT AGREEMENT: The Board approved and signed an agreement between the town and a property owner for a monthly payment against unpaid property taxes.


CHURCH RECORDS: Boland moved to accept three volumes donated by the Hancock church to be placed in the Archives; seconded by LaPlante; unanimous vote of approval.




MARCH 15, 2010



FORECLOSURE SALE: The Selectboard received notice of a sale to be held at 344 Antrim Road. The residence on this property is located on the Class V Summer Maintenance Only portion of the road and is much closer to the Antrim Town Line. The Board supported sending a letter to the Harmon Law Office, who is handling the sale, to outline the property owner responsibility regarding the road in the winter as well as which towns handle the police and fire calls. Caverly will send a letter.


NUBANUSIT LANDING: The meeting will be scheduled and a request for a sample lease plus a list of other locations with similar leases will be made.


LIAISON REPORTS: LaPlante reported she and Jeff Wilder met with an applicant for the position of Waterfront Director. Nancy Gladding, who has been the Director for a number of years, has chosen to step down. The applicant interviewed was reported to have excellent qualifications. Jordan asked that the Recreation Committee bring her in to meet with the Selectboard.


TREASURER: Lois Haskins met with the Selectboard to briefly update them on GASB 34 (Government Accounting Standards Board), a newer mandatory procedure. This went into effect in 1999 for the larger cities and towns and moved to the smaller towns in 2003 and 2004. Haskins will be speaking with Barbara Reid from the Department of Revenue to learn more about this.


Haskins noted the interest rate in the Public Deposit Investment Pool, where the Special Revenue funds are held, has dropped significantly and now Ocean Bank rates are also dropping.


In other areas, everyone is now on direct deposit for payroll. In preparation for the move to Ocean for payroll processing, the Selectboard will be asked to start coming in on Wednesday late afternoon or evening to sign off on the payroll manifest in order to meet the bank's time line.


Haskins stated the town shouldn't be paying bills from statements, or have another level of authority sign off, unless all the detail is attached.


ADJOURNED: LaPlante moved to adjourn at 6:10 p.m. So voted.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara E. Caverly

Recording Secretary



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