MARCH 8, 2010


PRESENT: Carolyn Boland-Chair, John Jordan, Roberta LaPlante-Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Andrew Wood-Police Chief; Kurt Grassett-DPW Director; Greg Lusted

            Gail Hoffmann, Marsha Kono, Pat Payne, Rich LeFebvre-Budget Advisory

            Committee; Ric Haskins-Moderator


Boland called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


LIAISON REPORTS: Boland, reporting for the Planning Board, said they met to say farewell to Jack Carlson who was leaving the Board after 15 years.


NON PUBLIC: At 4:03 p.m. LaPlante moved to go into non public session per RSA 91-A:3,ll(a)(c) to discuss a personnel issue that, if made public, could have an impact on the integrity of the person involved; seconded by Jordan; vote: Boland-aye, Jordan-aye, LaPlante-aye.


The Board came out of non public session at 4:30 p.m. and LaPlante moved to seal the Minutes; seconded by Jordan; vote: unanimous in favor.


ARTICLE ALLOCATION: The Board went through the Warrant and assigned the articles to each of them and to Caverly for presentation at the Saturday portion of the Town Meeting.


CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Caverly brought to the Board the request of Peter Hopkins to have Charlie Stevenson return to Hancock as the Code Enforcement Officer. The Selectboard unanimously agreed to have Charlie



LAKE NUBANUSIT BOAT RAMP: The Selectboard received a letter from Rich Cook, Land Agent for NH Fish and Game stating Rick Fink has asked to meet with the Selectboard to discuss the Fish and Game leasing the town-owned boat access area at Lake Nubanusit. The Board asked Caverly to schedule a meeting and would like them to bring a copy of a proposed lease if they have done this with any other communities.


STATISTICAL UPDATE: Caverly will schedule Joanne Tramontozzi to meet with the Selectboard to discuss a statistical update of the town for 2011.


RIGHT TO KNOW: Boland stated she has contacted the Local Government Center regarding doing a presentation on the Right to Know law. She was told we would need to have at least 20 people attend and could consider opening it to other towns.




MARCH 8, 2010



HIGHWAY REPORT: Grassett reported a logger was driving on Old Dublin Road on February 25th without a permit but was permitted to remove two of the four loads. Grassett discussed the issue with Dan Reed, the Forester for the timber harvest. There were two loads left on Thursday. Grassett issued stipulations as to how/when those two loads could be removed. Sunday, Grassett noted marks on Old Dublin Road indicating a lowbed had gone through. It was later determined the last two loads were removed Friday a.m. Grassett is pursuing the issue with Reed. A copy of the town's Weight Limit Ordinance will be included with Reed's letter as well as a copy to New England Forestry Foundation. There is more work to be done on the site and Grassett asked the Board how they would like to proceed when the crew returns to finish. The Board and Grassett would like to require a bond but Grassett will check with LGC. This is not the first occasion the town has had problems with this particular logger.


FLAGGER TRAINING: Grassett stated he is setting up training for the Highway for Flagger Certification by the LGC. The changes made in 2009 to the MUTCD (Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices) now include the Fire and Police departments in certain situations. LGC will do a shortened version for the emergency personnel. There is only room for 10 in the class so Grassett is looking at 4 highway, 2 full-time Police and 2 from the Fire Department. In emergency situations the Fire and Police have some latitude.


Grassett noted the Police Department isn't required to be certified but he is concerned about putting town employees in a situation they are not trained for when the personnel are being utilized as flaggers in construction zones, because it could place unnecessary liability on the town. The Fire Department currently is working on setting up procedures to be followed in their work zones. The rules that apply to them are slightly different than for the others.


Grassett stated he doesn't believe the state statute currently being referenced in the detail policy for traffic control in work zones is the correct one. Work zones come under another set of statutes. He wants to be certain the town is following the correct ones to protect the town. Grassett will discuss the policy and statute issues with Chief Wood.


CONSTELLATION ENERGY/FUEL OILS: John Jordan and Kurt Grassett and representatives of other interested towns in the Conval District will be meeting with Rodney Bartlett from Peterborough to discuss joint purchasing with Constellation Energy for some of our electricity; and, #2 fuel oil and diesel fuel. There needs to be authorization to enter into any agreements. Barbara Caverly was authorized to sign for any budgetary items in 2009. The Selectboard reaffirmed that Caverly can continue to do this.



MARCH 8, 2010



BUDGET ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Boland opened by stating the Board wishes to update the Committee on information received from Target, New England and how it has impacted and confirmed the Board's decision to support both warrant articles seeking

funds for the Meeting House. She then turned the discussion over to Grassett for an explanation.


Grassett proceeded to explain the process that Target, New England used to make the determination that the underlayment of the Meeting House roof is rotting. It will mean removing all the slate and replacing the underlayment. This will be a very costly project.


Boland stated that because of those findings the Selectboard would like to recommend both warrant articles on the warrant – one for establishing a Capital Reserve Fund for the Meeting House and funding it with $5,000 and the other one for $5,000 for additional painting. LaPlante spoke in favor of both articles.


Grassett went on to explain the problems the Town and church had with the painter hired to do the front and east side and what will need to be done to return the building to the condition it should be. Most of this will be covered by insurance based on the estimate from Target, New England.


Hoffmann stated the capital reserve fund needs to be set up for the maintenance of the building. LeFebvre suggested moving forward with only the capital reserve fund article but placing $10,000 in it and postponing indefinitely the painting article. This action will not change the amount of money included in the total warrant articles. Kono noted the presenter of the article needs to make sure the Town Meeting realizes how critical this action is.


Haskins suggested the original motion read $10,000 rather than doing an amendment. An explanation of both articles will be offered prior to any vote.


Haskins and the Board discussed Article 16, relating to the definition of marriage. It is generally felt this article is not appropriate to Town Meeting; however, it was suggested by Haskins that it be allowed to take its course at the meeting.


ADJOURNED: Jordan moved to adjourn at 6:15 p.m.; seconded by LaPlante; so voted.


Respectfully submitted,



Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary


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