MARCH 1, 2010


PRESENT: Carolyn Boland-Chair, John Jordan, Roberta LaPlante-Selectboard

            Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Artie Cernota, Kurt Grassett-DPW Director, Andrew Wood-Police Chief,

            Peter Hopkins-Code Enforcement Officer, Ron Mack


Boland called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. LaPlante moved to approve the Minutes of February 22nd; second by Jordan; so voted in the affirmative.


CERNOTA: Artie was in to meet with the Selectboard, at the request of the Code Enforcement Officer, to discuss his cabin that fronts on the railroad bed. He said he understood the police went to the location and, following that, he (Artie) was asked to meet with the Selectboard.


Cernota reported he normally doesn't rent that cabin out but the couple, with an infant, was in need of a place temporarily. They left several weeks ago and the place is empty. Hopkins stated the structure does not have an occupancy permit nor does it meet basic state standards.


Both Boland and Hopkins reiterated the fact there are minimal standards for rental property. One such requirement is a state approved septic system that could include a state approved privy; minimum heat standard and no holes in the roof and/or walls. Cernota stated he does not plan to rent it out. Hopkins stated if he does rent it again, it must meet the minimum standards.


Cernota stated there is no electricity, but it does have a dug well with a hand pump and an outhouse although not a state approved one.


Boland also noted emergency vehicles would not be able to access the property.


Hopkins gave Cernota a synopsis of what led to he and the police going to the site and stated it is normal to start with the renters of the property, not with the property owner. Their primary reason for going out was because they heard a child was there and the rules pertinent to where children reside are very restrictive. Hopkins stated he has no problem with Cernota's friends or relatives staying overnight while hunting.


PAQUETTES: Hopkins noted that the Paquettes on Longview Road are using the second entrance to their property as a regular driveway, in direct opposition to the rules and regulations. They were advised several months ago to make an appointment with the Board of Adjustment if they wished to use that driveway on a regular basis.





MARCH 1, 2010



LUCT WARRANT ARTICLE: Ron Mack was in to discuss the warrant article relative to rescinding the 2004 vote that gave the Conservation Commission a portion of the Land Use Change Tax, when received. Mack stated he would be speaking against the article at Town Meeting.


He doesn't think the Conservation Commission will support it. Further, Mack said he new there would be a blowback from the Commission and he felt "blindsided".


LaPlante reported that Mark Ellingwood commented at the December 8th Conservation Commission meeting the amount that goes out annually to pay for the Prospect Hill purchase and feels that, for now the LUCT should remain in town.


Mack noted the Budget Advisory committee never contacted the Conservation Commission to meet with them regarding their 2010 budget. He did note that he is aware of budget stress but feels that taking away their most effective tool ties the hands of the Commission. It has been used for an easement on the Kulish forest, the Rhines property and toward an appraisal on another piece of property.


Boland offered an apology because she thought the Conservation Commission was more aware of the proposed warrant article.


Mack questioned the possibility of deferring putting any money in for this year rather than totally eliminating the fund. The question of whether the funds already collected would have to be returned was raised. Caverly will look into these concerns.


Boland indicated the Board's intent is to defer future funds coming into the fund rather than pulling funds out funds that have already accrued.


DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS: Grassett noted his diesel fuel ran out over the weekend and he still does not have a full tank. He contacted Rice Energy from Greenfield, Massachusetts who will do rack plus and would need both the gas and the diesel. Grassett would like to move forward placing both the gas and diesel with Rice Energy. He has a letter ready to go to Fred Fuller Oil Company. Jordan moved that Kurt Grassett move forward with the agreement to Rice Energy for gas and diesel; seconded by LaPlante; unanimous voice vote in favor of the motion.


MAIN STREET: The project has gone to bid with an opening date of March 22.


The clarifications to the Meridian proposal are being made and Grassett will be meeting with Jim Marshall of NH DOT regarding the wording.





MARCH 1, 2010



BUILDING MAINTENANCE: The Selectboard approved Grassett's proposed job description for the permanent part time position. Kurt will now move forward to fill the position.


OLD DUBLIN ROAD: Old Dublin Road was posted last Wednesday, February 24th, and Grassett has spoken with the Forester to alert him. He also received a call from the landowner who told him that harvest is being used as income.


Grassett noted the logger has been irresponsible in the past in town. An offer of a $10,000 bond and no operating over the roads when the temperature is above 29º was made. He will speak with Forester Dan Reed regarding all of these items.


MEETINGHOUSE: Grassett reported the cost to clean up from the failed painting of the East and front sides of the Meetinghouse is $15,545 plus an additional $4,800 to complete the painting. This total of $20,345 will be covered by $3,763 from insurance plus $8,291 each from the town and the church. The town's share will be covered by the $5,000 on this year's warrant plus the balance of the 2009 warrant carried forward.

Target, New England noted the underlayment on the roof has both wet and dry rot. Some bricks were removed from the chimney before they fell. Grassett also spoke briefly about the steeple settling back because of the underneath structure. He stated that is natural age but he feels it is the right time to ask the town for both funding sources. He is willing to speak to the issue at Town meeting and the Selectboard would like to have him do so.


Grassett stated that, in view of all this, some funds should be placed in a Capital Reserve fund now as well as funding an article for the continued painting project. Boland supported the need to pass both Meetinghouse funding articles this year ~ the Capital Reserve fund as well as the annual painting.

POLICE REPORT: Chief Wood reported the dispatch switchover from Hillsborough Police Department to Hillsborough County Sheriff has been completed.


Wood is in the process of bringing on a new internet based phone system – Ring Central, with 4 lines, a designated fax line and a designated 800 number. The new phones are $109.99 each (3) plus an analog telephone adapter for a total of $379.96 to come from the Police Equipment Fund. He plans to leave one existing phone as backup at the Town Office. There will be a monthly chare of $99.99 plus $9.30 taxes for a monthly total of $109.29. This internet phone could be moved to the fire station during an emergency and have the advantage of six lines at that site. The payment will be placed on the new debit card.




MARCH 1, 2010



The new guns have come in and will be in-service when they have been mounted in the cruisers. All officers have to qualify each year. Wood has ordered EZ slings for the rifles. The new pistols are in.


STATISTICAL UPDATE: The Selectboard will discuss with Joanne Tramantozzi, our Department of Revenue representative, whether this process will suffice for our certification.


LIAISON REPORTS: There were no liaison reports today.


ADJOURN: The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara Caverly

Recording Secretary


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