JANUARY 25, 2010


PRESENT: Carolyn Boland-Chair; John Jordan, Roberta LaPlante-Selectboard

                  Barbara Caverly-Town Administrator/Recording Secretary


OTHERS: Kurt Grassett-DPW Director


Boland called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


LIAISON REPORTS: Jordan reported on the Conval budget meeting ~ they are proposing the $4.9 million dollar bond; SAC supports this. Jordan hopes the voters will also support this.


DUMP COMMITTEE: Jordan reported they are still proceeding with sticker checks. It seems to be working as there has been a significant drop in people coming in without stickers. Random Saturday checks will begin in February.


The subject of Pay per Bag is still being discussed.


COMMON COMMITTEE: Jordan reported they discussed the content of their annual report for the Town Report.


HEAT: The committee would like to speak with Nahida about putting Energy notes on the Website. The Selectboard concurs with that plan.


RHINES: A final decision is still on hold pending reports.


BTLA: There is a Board of Tax and Land Appeals case coming forward and Mary from Commerford Nieder Perkins would like to meet with the Selectboard to discuss part of the case. Caverly will schedule her to meet with the Board on February 1st or 15th. She will also contact the attorney involved for additional information needed.


DPW REPORT: Grassett brought forth a request for a dump sticker by a person whose name remains on the property record but he no longer lives in town. He wishes to be able to remove his ex-wife's trash. The Selectboard stated the ordinance reads "For Residents Only" so he is denied. If he needs to assist her, he may use her car with her permit. The individual will be so notified.


LCHIP: Grassett reported he has required paperwork to turn in so that we may accept the grant. The original application was completed with the help of Cindy Amidon and Gary Ryer, and it appears they will be awarded $7,500. Now, the church and the town will have to come forward with a matching $7,500 which means $3,750 from the town and another $3,750 from the church. The match has to be available by 2012. They have a historical study of the Meetinghouse preservation, restoration and maintenance. The church and town are discussing a combined effort fund raiser.


Grassett asked that the Town's share be placed in the budget if there is room.




JANUARY 25, 2010



PAINTING: Grassett stated Attorney Mayer is continuing to work on the Healy painting case. The 2009 balance of the painting warrant article has been encumbered to 2010.


STEEPLE: Jim Dougherty of Target, New England, has approved the allotted funding for the repairs ~ to hire a lift (one week minimum) to repair the finials. He would then use the lift to check the rest of the roof. The balance of the funding needed might come from the Building Maintenance budget or the painting warrant article.


WEATHERIZATION GRANT: The application is based from the Energy Audit reports and they are asking for proposals by building, broken down by item. The Library is not included in this round as the library was deemed to be in good shape. The committee will be working with a company in Jaffrey who is familiar with this type of work.


PICKUP: Grassett reported the parts are now in so the truck should be done this week.


DIESEL FUEL ISSUE: Grassett is putting together all the expenses incurred because of the fuel issue in order that all the expenses can be addressed with the fuel company ~Fred Fuller Oil Co. Paperwork for the claim has been submitted to LGC and Grassett has spoken with an adjuster.


MAIN STREET DESIGN: Grassett reported all the paperwork is at NH Department of Transportation being reviewed. Part of the sidewalk is outside of town property. He is trying to show the town owned that portion by prescription. He should be going to bid within one to two weeks.


DUMP TRUCK: Grassett stated the work proposed in the warrant article should keep that truck on the road for another five to ten years. This work and regular maintenance items will be less than the cost of a new truck.


BUDGET REVIEW: The Selectboard reviewed the newest budget run provided by Caverly. They asked that the Library budget be confirmed that no wage increases are included.


It was suggested the Old Home Day line be lowered to $5,000.


The Selectboard is questioning putting the Police revolving fund into this year's warrant. A final decision will be forthcoming.


ADJOURNED: The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara E. Caverly

Recording Secretary