Old Home Days Committee


Meeting notes 8/4/2010


Present: Deb Shumway, Monica Laskey-Rigrod, Paul Frehner, Roberta Nylander (for the Hancock Historical Society)


  • Bobby Nylander informed us that the "Hancock Reminisces" presentation is in good shape and ready to go. There will also be a photo exhibit about the history of OHD in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall all weekend. Thank you Bobby!


Organizational minutiae:

We are in the final stretch of the preparations and many little tasks need to be copmpleted. We are also selling T-shirts on Thursdays (concerts) and Saturday morning (Farmer's Market). The sales are going pretty well.

      We reviewed the status of the budget that Megan Dodge submitted and we are under budget for the event, with more incoming coming (T-shirt sales, registration fees etc.)

      We worked on getting all the forms ready and published in time, discussed ways to reach volunteers for OHD so that we can function properly and we reviewed the list of donors in order to make sure all donors will be listed on the OHD brochure and the town website. Various task were assigned to the committee members for completion.

      We also still need to finalize the parade registration form 2010 and create a form for the judges to work with in order to award prizes. We reviewed the schedule of events and created a time line so that the publication can be printed in time. We talked about finding new member for the OHD committee 2011 and will have a sign up form on the OHD committee table during the event.

      We discussed the lack of public toilets during the event and Deb Shumway will be looking into having access to the school bathroom for the duration of the Run for the Honey event.



Next OHD committee meeting will be held Wednesday August 11th at 6:45 PM in the Daniel's Room at the library.



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