OHD Committee

Meeting 3/27/2010


Present:           Deb Shumway (new member), Megan Dodge (treasurer), Monica Laskey-Rigrod (chairwoman), Paul Frehner (secretary).


The following topics were discussed:


Artwork/Logo Development

Logo Artwork for the T-shirts and the program: Kin Schilling is working on it. Characters from Alice in Wonderland are considered to emphasize the library theme (Hancock has Characters)



    • Plans have been made with "Hot Day At The Zoo" a blue grass band. Starting time for the band would be 4;30 to 7 PM. We offer them $ 900.—free food, drinks and T-shirts. Paul will submit the requested paperwork and offer them a lower fee (900.—instead of $ 1000.--) Their regular fee for commercial performances are much higher.

    • Ken Sheldon: Maybe willing to do a free presentation Saturday afternoon. Sarah Gardner: Does Children songs and will be presenting Saturday afternoon. Either she or Ken Sheldon will do the children's show in the afternoon. (Free of charge). Little Red Wagon theatre troupe is not an option. A possible different lead is another puppet show from the area that is being looked into. Contacting some puppet show providers will be a back up option if Ken Sheldon is not available (Sarah Gardner). Deb Shumway will look into this.

    • We are also looking into engaging a magician/storyteller for Friday night to emphasize the story telling/library theme.

    • The American Legion Band has been booked for $ 800.—for the parade and as a stand by concert after the parade.

    • Climbing wall: Last year's cost was 1250.- Another provider was found for a total of $ 1000.- for the same time span. Monica will be negotiating further to see if we can reduce costs more.

    • Pony rides are being organized as well, time frame 12;30 to 2;30 PM on Saturday. (Cost would be $ 320.—for two hours.


Corresponding Secretary duties:

We do not have a person for this position. Duties include press, publicity and fundraising letters.

  • Fundraising letter: Requesting donations with letters seems a waste of time. Personal contacts are more effective. Discussion was about effective ways of contacting people and asking for donations. We will be splitting up the various duties next meeting. Paul will e-mail out the list of donors and we will all work on completing and adding to that list. Next meeting will include a review of the donor list. New ideas for donors and service donation are sought out. Non-cash prizes are donations as well.


  • Letter to Hancock happenings should happen every month. We can also publish donors on our face book page. April 22nd is due date for next Happenings blur. Monthly information will be forthcoming. Paul will submit the next update on OHD to Hancock Happenings publisher.


Event details:

  • Grand Marshal

Idea is to have Amy Marcus do that. Monica will contact her and get her commitment.


  • Master of Ceremonies:

Charlie Ingalls has been doing it for a long time. The PA system was not really sufficient. Megan will be looking into that. Paul will contact Charlie Ingalls.


  • Charity Food Drives: Idea is to have food donations collections. A dunk tank is considered as well to raise funds. Supporting the "Helping Hands fund" is an idea as well. How can we collect some funds from people who are willing to donate? Theme of "Hancock has Character" goes well with some charity donations (no admission charges of any kind – free donations only). Cash for Helping hands fund and Food for the library food drive are two options. The library can organize the food drive.


  • Permits for the event for this year will be handled by Deb Shumway.


  • Reserve the Art Partitions (Megan Dodge will contact) Francie van Mertens.


  • Tents /tables; Charlie Daloz farm people helped with the trash pick up last year. 4H or Boy's scouts may be willing as well. Costs last year were: $ 200.—Bins and recycling bins are available form the town. We will offer it to the Daloz farm people. Deb Shumway will follow up with this. Firemen (Chicken barbecue) have their own tent and tables, provide what they need. We will not need to rent table and tents, we can get these form the church. Monica will organize a 10x10 small tent structure for the OHD committee from Kristin Harris.


  • Dumpster form Monadnock Waste Disposal. Megan Dodge will organize that for us. Cost is estimated to be $ 250.— Recycling will be done in various stations. We will not utilize the recycling wagon that was rented last year (too costly and ineffective)


  • Conversation with the Ice Cream Social organizers (Woman's guild) needs to happen to organize the fine points of that event. Monica L. will follow up with that.


  • Contact previous volunteers to organize the various events for the weekend: We will start contacting them next meeting.


  • Pinewood Derby: The Sibley family will be contacted by Deb Shumway to make sure they are on board for this year.


  • A concern is that sometimes there is not enough food. Families tend to leave because of lack of drinks, food and shady places to sit. Organizations that provide food tend to run out of food early. It is important to make people comfortable. More choices and comfort for families and children should be available.


  • Deb Shumway will talk to Scott Daniels at the Depot association to inquire about what their participation/contribution for OHD is going to be this year.


  • Monica is trying to find a good PA system from town of Peterborough and Antrim to see if they have anything available we could borrow.


Next meeting time:

April: Thursday 4/29 at 7;15 PM at the library.