2010 OHD Committee Transition Meeting Minutes
January 30, 2010        Library 9:00 am

Attending: Sara Gervasio, Monica Laskey-Rigrod, and Paul Frehner for 2010
Nancy Daniels, Steve Fowle, Donna Geer, Kristin Harris, and Martha Ritter of 2009

Nancy Daniels, Chair of the 2009 OHD Committee, began the meeting by passing out an agenda, introducing all attending, and then discussing agenda items. These items were:

  • Committee work and responsibilities
  • General OHD Chronology
  • Inventory
  • Budget
  • Brochure, flyers, and posters
  • Activities
        A. OHD Concert
        B. Map for Saturday events
  • Set-up and event tasks for committee
  • Parade and MC information
  • Suggestions
  • Selectmen
  • Thank you notes

Much discussion ensued. The 2009 OHD members sought to explain much of the "required"
work of an Old Home Days Committee and to offer suggestions from their experience.

The 2009 OHD Committee members recommended that more members be recruited for the 2010 committee, and reassured the three new members that the '09 committee began a year ago with only three members present. (As of Feb. 3rd, Lucas Shippee has agreed to join.)

Four OHD notebooks from 2006-2009 were passed on to the new committee.

Next meeting: February 27, 2010, 9:00 am at the library with '09 and '10 committee members.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Geer, OHD '09 Sec.