Minutes July 27, 2010

Members Present: Chair Drasba, LaPlante, Lewis, Nylander, Wilder

    The meeting began at 7:03pm. Minutes of the May 25, 2010 meeting were read and approved.

    Chair announced that Deb Sampson will be available to attend meetings beginning in September.

    Chair distributed copies of his proposed changes to the current Welcome Letter to Residents and Application for Certificate of Approval Form. Discussion resulted in suggestions of possible changes to form and wording that will make the documents more efficient and useful. Chair will incorporate the suggestions into his proposed documents and e-mail copies to members before the next meeting

Next HHDC looked at copies of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Chair suggested that it is important for HHDC members be familiar with the standards. He added that in comparing them with our ordinance, he found the points outlined in the standards appear to be well covered by the ordinance. Members concurred that the standards seem to compare favorably to our ordinance, and agreed to become more familiar with the contents of the standards.

    Then Chair said that he is working on a letter to introduce himself to residents of the Historic District. He would like to include an explanation of the work of our commission, a copy of the Ordinance, and suggestions for obtaining information and support to aid in filing an Application for Approval.

    Finally, as a result of discussion, it was decided that it is the responsibility of HHDC to review the ordinance to determine if any changes, clarifications or deletions should be proposed at the next town meeting. To do so might also involve looking at ordinances from other historic districts.

    Chair indicated that at the next meeting HHDC should discuss photographing the residences in the Historic District as they will appear after the Main Street Project is complete in order to have a current record of those residences.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta D. Nylander, Secretary HHDC