Town of Hancock, New Hampshire, 03449
Hancock Energy Advisory Team
Minutes of Meeting
Town Offices, May 13, 2010


Present: Tom Faber, Nancy Gamble, Kurt Grasset, Phil Jones, John Jordan
Absent: Amy Sulborski

The meeting convened at 7:10 PM. Eric Aldrich from Hancock’s Archive Committee reviewed the needs of the committee in regard to the second floor archive space. Eric wanted to be able to understand what exactly was going to be done to the building that might impact the archives room. It was determined that the planned weatherization measures for the 2nd floor should only help maintain the conditioned space for the archives, and should not have any negative impact on them. Eric will report back to his committee and thanked the HEAT committee for its time.

As the previous meeting minutes were not available, they were not reviewed.
Kurt gave a brief update on the EECBG grants: no contracts have come through from TRC, so no further planning or activities can occur. Hopefully, contracts will be received by next month.

Tom presented his temperature monitoring data from the Town Offices and Police Station. The most prominent finding was that the heat in the Police Station is being turned up manually on a regular basis (Saturday evenings.) This can be traced to specific user behavior that can be modified. Other temperatures followed use and outdoor temperature trends, and were unremarkable. It would be interesting to compare oil consumption data prior to the re-zoning with oil consumption during the ’09-’10 heating season. This will be pursued; Kurt will need to supply fuel use data from this year.

A brief conversation took place regarding next projects for HEAT after the EECBG grant projects were completed. Possible projects for consideration included transportation or biodiesel initiatives, co-operative efforts with other towns, a Speaker Series featuring local individuals involved with green programs or businesses, and the possibility of creating a “green” revolving loan fund. There was a lot of interest in the latter; Nancy will talk with someone within her office (Office of Energy and Planning) to begin to formulate possible plans regarding this.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07.

Next Meeting: June 9, 2010 (moved from June 10th.)

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