Town of Hancock, New Hampshire, 03449

Hancock Energy Advisory Team

Minutes of Meeting (27)

Town Offices, January 14, 2010


Present: Nancy Gamble, Amy Sulborski, John Jordan, Kurt Grassett, Tom Faber, Phil Jones

Absent: Matthew Hale


The meeting convened at 7:05 PM and the minutes of the November 25, 2009 meeting were approved. There was no meeting held in December 2009.


Old Business

1.     Re-monitoring of Town Office building temperatures – status?

*      Tom set up all temperature monitors. Kurt and Tom will set out during normal business hours.

2.     Updating Hancock's energy data in DOE's Energy Portfolio Software (EPS) – 2008 and 2009 data

*       Amy will run the model

*       Nancy will get either Amy access information or a contact to gain access to EPS

*       Sue Blothenberg is Hancock's PSNH rep. ( Amy will contact her from 07-09 electric data.

3.     Meeting with Town Archive Committee

*       John and Kurt will address the Town Archive CommitteeÕs concerns.



New Business

1.      RGGI Grant Report

*       Needs to be filed quarterly. No money spent in last quarter. Kurt will file.

2.      Application for EECBG funding

*       Intent to submit – Nancy will file 3 intents with Kurt providing project description for #3.

1.     Weatherization of town buildings based on energy audit recommendations

2.     Hancock Solar Project

3.     Turbine for the waste water treatment plant

*       Informational Workshop on Application – Phil and Kurt will attend the Jan 19th workshop at Antioch in Keene.

*       RFP – in anticipation of submitting the Weatherization Application Kurt will send out an RFP for the retrofits. Qualified companies may come from the REPA website and NH Energy Office. Nancy will also check if there is a list of weatherization providers that her office can recommend.

*       Applications

1.     Weatherization – Nancy will file with Amy collating Pre/Post Retrofit numbers as an assistance

2.     Hancock Solar Project – Phil will complete main portion using Pablo's report

3.     Turbine – Kurt will complete main portion after gathering more information about costs.

3.      Amy has been submitting sustainability tips to the Hancock Happenings. John will check with Board on putting the tips onto the Hancock website.

4.      Phil will draft the Committee's portion of the Town Report




8:16 PM Meeting adjourned