Minutes of October 25, 2010


Present: Larry Schwartz, Hunt Dowse, Stephen Froling


Apologies: Neal Cass, Alison Rossiter


Attending: Rich Lefebvre


The meeting convened at about 7:00 pm.


1.                          Approval of Minutes of October 11

The Committee approved the minutes of October 11, 2010.


2.                          Review of Notes and Draft Report

The Committee reviewed and commented on a draft supplemental Capital Improvements Program report, previously circulated. Neal Cass had correspondended with the Chairman to the effect that he had no suggestions. The Chairman noted a change to the report concerning the Conservation Commission which is reflected in the body of the report.


3.                        Adoption of Capital Improvements Program

As so modified and corrected, the Committee unanimously adopted the supplemental report and each member present signed a certificate that it was a true and correct copy. Froling was directed to transmit the original report and supporting documents to the Selectboard and to transmit copies of the supplemental report to the Town Clerk and the Office of Energy and Planning. Additional copies will be made available to the Town of Hancock Library, various contributors and, upon request, to others.


4.      Future Reports

The Committee discussed plans for preparing the next report.


The meeting adjourned at about 7:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Stephen Froling



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