Minutes of October 11, 2010


Present: Neal Cass, Stephen Froling, Alison Rossiter, Larry Schwartz


Attending: Kurt Grassett


The meeting convened at about 7:00 pm.


1.    DPW: Stephen thanked Kurt for attending. We used the spreadsheet appended to the committee's report for 2009 as a basis for discussion. Kurt said that most items remained unchanged, except as follows:

a.    The item for the Mack truck refurb had been paid in 2010;

b.   Kurt expects to defer purchase of a new loader from FY 2012 to FY 2014. The $130k cost will be spread over the five succeeding years;

c.    He also intends to rebuild the International equipment in FYU 2016 at a cost of about $30,000;

d.   Road reconstruction has been a difficult item. Kurt presented a four page paper outlining various techniques which could be used to complete this work. It identifies a number of roads which need to be re-constructed over a ten-year period, that is, Ledge Road, Juniper Circle, Prospect Hill (from the 2nd intersection with Juniper Circle to the top), Sugarbush Road, Duncan Road and Middle Road(Vatcher to town line). The total cost of re-construction is estimated at $676,900 over ten years. Kurt recommends that we budget for this item over ten years at the rate of $67,700 per year.

e.    Bridge maintenance at the Longview Road Bridge will be deferred indefinitely.

f.     Kurt recommends no change in the Transfer Station budget but advised us that he is considering with the Dump Committee a "pay as you go" scheme;

g.    He also made no change in the item relating to painting the post office but noted that it may be prudent to bring this forward in time to coordinate with necessary roof repairs on that building;

h.   And he noted that the item relating to replacement of the bandstand may require changes which he is presently unable to quantify. He has asked several people to inspect the bandstand to develop more accurate figures.

i.     The committee thanked Kurt for his help.


2.    Alison presented a written report, copy attached, relating to:

a.    Recreation Department – no capital demands in the foreseeable future;

b.   Water Commission – two projects, disinfection system and pressure boosting, on which cost information is not presently available. Both will be funded through user fees, not taxes; and

c.    Bandstand – Phil Jones related that the costs would be $25 to $35 sometime over the next five years;


3.    Neal reported that:

a.    Selectboard – no capital projects

b.   Police – as the 2009 spreadsheet, for new cruisers;

c.    SAU #1 does not intend to ask for a bond in 2011, having failed in its attempt in 2010, but will seek to fund the same projects without borrowing;

d.   He has not yet communicated with the Conservation Commission;


4.    Larry reported that:

a.    Both the Housing Authority and the Village Planning Commission will cease operations by the end of the year, the VPC having completed the projects it was created for and the HA having concluded that it could not complete its projects;

b.   The Cemetery Commission is alive and well but has no plans which would impose capital requirements on the taxpayers;


5.    Stephen reported that:

a.    The Post Office will not have projects – other than maintenance – of a capital nature. A report is attached; and

b.   Further to the SAU #1, he had found two reports, copies of which will be made available, relating to its capital plans: Contoocook Valley School District, Peterborough, NH 03458 – Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Revised November 10, 2009 and Educational Specification, Contoocook Valley High School, etc., Peterborough, NH. He recommended that these two reports be appended to the CIP Report for 2010.


6.    Hunt was unable to attend this meeting. Stephen will call him to get his reports.


7.    Stephen will prepare a draft of the annual report based on the foregoing.


8.    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at about 8 pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Stephen Froling



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