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Hancock Happenings

The warm weather is finally here and that has us on the Old Home Day Committee thinking about this year's celebration. The year 2014 will mark the 135th Hancock Old Home Day! So, we thought it would be fitting if this year Old Home Day celebrated... Old Home Day. Our theme is “135 years of Hancock Old Home Day.” All of everyone's favorites events will be back, as well some events brought back from years past. We will be consulting with the Historical Society to see what events or activities from the past would be fun to revive. We, on the Committee, would love to hear about what have been some of your favorites from years back that we might try again. Some new things in the works for this year are a dunk tank and a scavenger hunt. We will keep you posted. Old Home day is one of everyone's favorite summer activities and we are looking forward to another great one again this year.

Hancock Happenings

Planning for Hancock Old Home Day 2014 is well under way. This month, I visited with Bobbie Nylander at the Hancock Historical Society and looked through the archives of programs from OHDs past. I learned a lot about the history of Hancock's Old Home Day and got a lot of great ideas to share with the committee for this year, as we celebrate Hancock Old Home Day's 135 years. In 1897, New Hampshire Governor Frank Rollins created the official Old Home Day Association, but Hancock's Old Home Day started out as the Symonds family reunion. This event was so well attended that it became the Hancock Family Picnic, which in turn became Hancock Old Home Day. Many of the activities we enjoy at Old Home Day are long-standing traditions. This year's T-shirt design is still to be determined. There is still one week left to submit a design for consideration, so it is not too late to see your design on this year's T-shirt

Hancock Happenings

Preparationsfor this year's Hancock Old Home Day are picking up speed. The weather is getting warmer and anticipation is building for the OHD Committee. Thank you to all who submitted artwork for this year's Official Hancock Old Home Day T-shirt design. We loved seeing your ideas. As in the last few years, T-shirts will be available for purchase at our Town's Independence Day celebrations on July 6, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., during the Ice Cream Social.

In an addition to the T-shirts, we will be adding something new to help raise funds to offset the cost of Old Home Day. This year, we will have a dunk tank and will make available the opportunity to dunk some of our town officials for a small fee. Fire Chief Nevan Cassidy and Selectperson Jim Mose have already graciously offered their dignity for the cause. Come and put your money down and see who else you might be able to get all wet.

In addition to the dunk tank, already lined up are the climbing wall, the Friday evening movie on the Common, and the OHD parade representing “Old Home Day, Past, Present, and ... Future?” Look for a full schedule of events in next month's Happenings!

Art and Photo Show
Calling all Hancock area artists and photographers for the Old Home Day Art and Photo Show on Saturday, August 16, in the Vestry. Letters will be going out to all previous exhibitors giving the particulars.

If you do not get a letter and would like to show your work, please call
Sue Francis, at 525.3313, after
June 25. If you would like to display photographs, please call Ellen Kidd, at 525.3474.

“Hancock Has Talent”
Calling all Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Poets, and Comedians
Do you have a special talent you'd
like to share? Or maybe you're a closet exhibitionist looking for a spotlight? Sign up to perform in the Annual “Hancock Has Talent” Show. Contact Kristen Bernier at 525.4455
or email kmbernier@comcast.net to sign up now. And even if the stage isn't for you, come to the Meetinghouse Friday, August 15 at 7:30 p.m. (after the Ice Cream Social) to enjoy the generous performances by your
friends and neighbors. It is a variety show experience you won't want to miss.

Friends of the Hancock Town Library Old Home Day Book Sale

We are busily sorting your donated books in the library, and we love finding new bags and boxes there whenever we go into the Library! Keep bringing in your gently used books, CDs and DVDs, and we will continue getting them ready for the giant Old Home Day Book Sale.

Please don't give us your musty or outdated medical, law or computer books, or your VHS movies! We will continue to collect books till August 9, so you still have a few weeks to clear off your shelves and make room for all the books you will buy in the sale! Thanks so much!

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