Effective October 17, 2012

Our current practice of handling recyclables is very labor intensive, in that all recyclables are sorted by the Dump Staff.  We have decided to make our recycling efforts much more of a "self-help" operation.  To that end, a number of changes will be made to how we collect recyclables.  Basically you, our recyclers will be responsible for separating all your stuff and depositing it in the proper bin.  The counter now in use for sorting recyclables will be eliminated and replaced with chutes leading into various bins.


We are also going to simplify the process a bit:

  • All #2 plastic will go into one bin.
  • No  more separating the milk jugs.
  • All mixed paper and newspaper will be collected  together in one bin.
  • We will now collect #3 through # 7 plastic.
  • We will no longer separate and redeem Vermont  Refundable containers (plastic and aluminum), but will recycle all.


For your use there will be five windows for recyclables.

  • One for aluminum cans
  • One for #1 plastic
  • One for #2 plastic
  • One for #3-7 plastic
  • And one for all newspaper and mixed paper


Cardboard, glass and steel cans will continue to be collected as they are now.


Collecting #3-7 plastics will not be a money maker, but is rather a cost avoidance move.  It will cost us about $20 per ton for disposal but this avoids the $115 tipping fee if it all goes into the compactor. There will be a slight drop in revenue for not separating mixed paper from newspaper, but we think this will be mostly offset by savings in labor cost.


Kurtis J. Grassett,

Director of Public Works

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